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Closed e-petitions owned by the Department for Transport
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Against EU Member States Introducing Mandatory High Visibility Clothing For Motorcyclists View 7,207 09/04/2012
Removal of Dartford Crossing M25 Tolls View 6,625 04/08/2012
Withdraw Addison Lee's license View 6,041 20/04/2013
The ORR Insurance Cap Regulation Change Proposal View 5,926 14/04/2013
Deliver Mottram / Hollingworth / Tintwistle Bypass Now View 5,387 13/09/2012
Allow Liverpool Cruise Terminal full "Turnaround" facilities View 4,929 08/09/2012
Reverse the proposal to close 39 Regional DVLA offices View 4,626 16/06/2012
Stargazing View 4,253 18/01/2013
Reduce First Bristol prices View 4,059 12/12/2013
Affordable Car Insurance View 3,418 05/08/2012
Lillian's Law - roadside drugs tests and tougher setences for drug-drivers View 3,266 12/08/2012
Oppose the relaxation of vehicle testing (MoT) frequency - an ill-considered proposal from the DfT. View 3,199 07/11/2011
Protection of freedom bill - Parking control companies to pursue registered keepers for unpaid fines. View 3,117 17/11/2011
Keep search-and-rescue (SAR) run by the military View 3,108 01/02/2014
To reinstate staff travel boxes for non safegaurded railway staff View 3,062 23/09/2012
Abolish Road Fund Tax for Motorcycles. View 3,049 24/07/2013
Compulsory section in the driving test/theory on how to pass animals on the road View 2,974 28/08/2012
Power restrictions for new car drivers in line with those already in place for motorcycles View 2,919 18/09/2013
when a driver hits a cat they MUST report it View 2,901 05/04/2014
Stop Thameslink/Wimbledon loop terminating at Blackfriars View 2,784 09/08/2013