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PM's visit to Sri Lanka for Common Wealth meeting View 1 12/11/2014
Pressure Russia to release the Greenpeace activists. View 16 25/09/2014
Proposal for the Creation of a 'Brittanic Commonwealth Union' View 2 06/03/2015
Prosecute the leaders of the foreign backed uprising in Syria for the massacre of 450 Kurds View 4 08/08/2014
Protect Internet Privacy View 22 25/06/2014
Protection for Christians and other religious minorities in Syria View 4 19/11/2014
Protection for religious minorities in the Middle East View 99 06/09/2014
Protection of Islamic Heritage in Syria View 262 07/05/2014
Public inquiry into the implications of GCHQ's 'Tempora' programme View 1,570 24/06/2014
Put forward a call at UNHRC for an International Enquiry on Sri Lanka. View 58 11/06/2014
Put in place legislation to prevent MEPs being compensated for loss of anything when the UK withdraws from the EU. View 3 07/05/2014
Put sanctions on Saudia Arabia and Quatar for funding terrorism in Syria View 21 29/04/2014
Qatar Human rights abuses View 31 30/09/2014
Recognise the Crimean referendum as credible View 5 17/06/2014
Recognise the State of Palestine on the pre 1967 borders View 3 07/04/2015
Recognition of Somaliland View 269 17/02/2015
Recount votes of Venezuelan election 14th April 2013 View 2 22/04/2014
Remove David Cameron from the decision making process over Syria. View 4 02/09/2014
Remove recognition of the Holy See (The Vatican) as a "country" View 2 19/03/2015
Resign from TAFTA/TPP negotiations until an in-depth, independent, multi-stakeholder analysis is done. View 21 15/11/2014