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Prime Minister David Cameron to reply to Sergei Stepashin, former Prime Minister of the Russian Federation View 35 30/03/2015
Proposal for the Creation of a 'Brittanic Commonwealth Union' View 3 06/03/2015
Protect religious places View 1 30/03/2015
Protect the British European cultural indentity by not leaving the EU View 3 30/03/2015
Protection for Christians and other religious minorities in Syria View 21 19/11/2014
raise tenstions against attacks on muslim minority in Sri Lanka View 9 30/03/2015
Reclaim America View 4 30/03/2015
Recognise Holodomor massacre as genocide View 4 30/03/2015
Recognise Palestine as a full nation according to the 1967 borders View 1 30/03/2015
Recognise the State of Palestine on the pre 1967 borders View 289 30/03/2015
Recognition of Somaliland View 555 17/02/2015
Reconsider Britain's refusal to pay ransom monies for British hostages View 1 30/03/2015
Release Meriam Yahya Ibrahim View 18 30/03/2015
Release of Pakistani Christian woman Asia Bibi on death row for blasphemy View 581 30/03/2015
Remove recognition of the Holy See (The Vatican) as a "country" View 3 19/03/2015
Remove the childish travel ban on zimbabwe View 2 30/03/2015
Request the Government of Indonesia Immediately Release Mr Mathew Davies View 4 30/03/2015
Requesting the British Government to hold a debate on the claim by China on the South China/West Philippine Sea View 69 30/03/2015
Resign from TAFTA/TPP negotiations until an in-depth, independent, multi-stakeholder analysis is done. View 34 15/11/2014
Respond Appropriately To Uganda's Persecution of LGBT People View 24 25/02/2015