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Rejected e-petitions owned by the Ministry of Defence
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Stop Household Division Bands being butchered View 14/12/2012
Scrap Trident View 13/04/2014
Allow people witg Aspergers Syndrome to join the Armed Forces on a case by case basis! View 05/04/2014
support for the armed forces after leaving View 04/04/2014
With Honour They Served - With Pride We Remember View 02/04/2014
Increase military pay View 31/03/2014
Teens to do national service for 2 years. UK View 31/03/2014
Allow Allergy-Sufferers Into the UK Armed Forces View 28/03/2014
British Armed Forces should be able to carry their weapons within the UK View 23/03/2014
Higher Wage For People Serving In The Armed Forces View 20/03/2014
EU funding to contribute to the cost of UK/France maintaining independent nuclear deterent that whole of EU benefits from View 07/03/2014
Introduce Independent Ombudsman to Investigate Bullying and Discrimination Cases View 06/03/2014
Increase Minstry of Defence Budget & Reemploy Our Troops View 03/03/2014
MOD surgeons practising on shot pigs in Denmark View 24/02/2014
Impose an independent, fully-empowered Armed Forces Ombudsman on the MOD View 18/02/2014
Cancel Trident - use money saved to help flooded communities and build flood defences View 12/02/2014
drones View 11/02/2014
Save the Army sniffer dog held hostage by Taliban View 09/02/2014
Stop using animals in war and get out there and rescue DaGarwal View 08/02/2014