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Rejected e-petitions owned by the Ministry of Defence
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Stop Household Division Bands being butchered View 14/12/2012
Mental health and recruitment within the armed forces View 05/12/2014
war View 30/11/2014
Bassingbourn Barracks, Cambridgeshire, UK to be used to house homeless Veterans View 21/11/2014
Knighthood award View 16/11/2014
To award Captain Eric Brown RN Retd. a knighthood for services to aviation and his country. View 15/11/2014
Honours View 14/11/2014
To raise awarness of people who are using religion as justification for extremist bahaviour View 14/11/2014
Pardon for 306 coward ww1 soldiers View 13/11/2014
Pardon the 306 british soldiers shot for cowardice View 13/11/2014
World Peace for 24 Hours View 12/11/2014
Change name of legion Scotland back to the royal British Legion Scotlan. View 11/11/2014
Soilders having to sell earned war medals to pay for their care View 06/11/2014
National Service Medal View 09/10/2014
Cold War Recognition View 01/10/2014
Homeless Soldiers View 23/09/2014
Referendum on the scrapping of a British Nuclear Deterrent View 19/09/2014
Soldiers (All Ranks) To Open-Carry Firearms View 18/09/2014
Bring back National Conscription View 31/08/2014
Allow the Royal Marines to deploy to Iraq in order to stop the slaughter of innocent civilians by the Islamic State View 15/08/2014