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Give the Dawlish Sea Wall Railway Line Protected Status View 2 19/02/2015
Outlaw The Installation Of Cushion Floor In New Sporting Venues Due To The Handicapping Result For Wheelchair Users View 6 19/02/2015
Proper legislation for UK Film production companies and payment for Crew and Supporting Artists View 759 20/02/2015
Block facebook in the uk on the grounds that it promote racism, violent crimes and child abuse View 2 24/02/2015
Putting a face to BT Openreach View 39 24/02/2015
West Ham to refund London's Council Tax Payers View 13 25/02/2015
Abolish tv licence as no one is contracted to have one View 100 25/02/2015
Moviestarplanet should be banned in the UK View 1 25/02/2015
Ban the niqab View 43 25/02/2015
Ban the niqab View 166 25/02/2015
Face Coverings (Prohibition) Bill (HC Bill 31) View 7 25/02/2015
Niqab ban should not be banned in public places View 9 25/02/2015
ban face coverings in schools,courts, banks, Airports, Train and Bus stations View 12 25/02/2015
Illegal purchase of the Parthenon Marbles View 7 26/02/2015
Ban the use of all outdoor advertising and legalise public art. View 2 03/03/2015
Reduce number of gambling shops and adverts View 4 03/03/2015
Take down all imagery of drummer Lee Rigby's death to protect his son. View 17 03/03/2015
Reinforce the 1975 Discrimination Act and create an easy way to claim against it. View 1 10/03/2015
Force consumer ISPs to block botnets View 2 10/03/2015
Save Clipstone Colliery headstocks View 1,100 10/03/2015