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Remove pressure from ISPs to have 'on by default' web filters and legislate against their use. View 5 18/12/2014
Allocate funding to improve rural mobile telephone network coverage View 43 23/12/2014
Ban violent computer games View 4 26/12/2014
Scrapping TV licence due to celebrities being found guilty of sexual abuse View 3 02/01/2015
Replace PEGI Ratings on games View 1 06/01/2015
Amendment of legislation to allow safe-standing at sports stadia. View 25 06/01/2015
Maximum charge for football matches View 13 06/01/2015
The Internet should not be censored View 11 06/01/2015
Do away with the TV Licence View 14 06/01/2015
Allow the BBC to go fully commercial when it introduces fees for downloading past programmes. View 2 06/01/2015
Remove the cross of St Andrew from the Union flag in the event of Scottish independence View 8 06/01/2015
Abolish the TV licence and advert breaks (there is a way) View 2 06/01/2015
Simple Regulation of Airbrushing in the Media View 23 06/01/2015
Hull Broadband We Need Choice View 2 06/01/2015
Protection from the press for victims and their families following a violent incident View 3 06/01/2015
Stop pornography and gambling adverts. View 3 06/01/2015
Convert the BBC into a subscription service funded by the Licence fee View 5 06/01/2015
Explicit lyrics on albums View 3 06/01/2015
Cut TV licence by £75 pounds View 6 06/01/2015
football prices View 8 06/01/2015