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Ban the film "Fifty shades of Grey" from UK cinemas View 2 30/03/2015
stop Sky / virgin media componies from takeing any further sport from BBC and ITV View 2 30/03/2015
TV licence removal if you can prove you have no terrestrial aerial or SKY TV to view any BBC channels View 2 30/03/2015
Rona Fairhead is an unsuitable person to be the BBC TRUST CHAIRMAN and the Secretary of State for Culture Media & Sport should ask her resignation. View 2 30/03/2015
Abolish the legislation that protects the BBC TV licence View 2 30/03/2015
Legalize Common Law Marriages. View 3 30/03/2015
Revoke the right for tax exiles to play sport under the British flag View 3 30/03/2015
Passwords are a security risk View 3 30/03/2015
Stop CAPITA sending harrassing letters to people who don't require a licence, and wasting licence-payer's money on those cruel demand letters View 3 30/03/2015
Fairer Admission Charges to Sites of British Heritage View 3 30/03/2015
Better access to services for deaf people View 3 30/03/2015
Better access to deaf services View 3 30/03/2015
British Government should build and maintain a monument in central London in memory of all conscientious objectors shot during First World War. View 3 30/03/2015
privatise sport View 3 30/03/2015
betting shop sunday hours View 3 30/03/2015
Help protect vulnerable people - If you call an 08 number from your mobile then you should be warned you will be charged at a premium rate. View 3 30/03/2015
Force Facebook and social media to remove hate and racist pages. View 3 30/03/2015
Allowing parents of dead children access to there child's photos on Facebook(limited access) View 3 30/03/2015
Make it easier for live music venues to obtain an all ages licence View 3 30/03/2015
charity advertising after the watershed please View 3 30/03/2015