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Make companies use 03 instead of 08 numbers in the UK View 5 30/03/2015
Police have said the BBC acted illegally over the Cliff Richard house search. It MUST be that ALL taxpayer funding of the BBC be stopped IMMEDIATELY. View 5 30/03/2015
Independent Ombudsman for the BBC View 5 30/03/2015
Ban sales of pornographic magazines from newsagents View 5 30/03/2015
Save our World War Two heritage View 5 30/03/2015
Make Landline charges a standard one off payment for homes owners and tennants View 5 30/03/2015
Fairer distribution of lottery funds. View 5 30/03/2015
Enforce a quota for providing subtitles on video streaming services View 5 30/03/2015
Protect the sanctity of the word marriage. View 5 30/03/2015
Scrap Form 696 View 5 30/03/2015
Reconsider the recent bans on porn production View 5 30/03/2015
Change Facebook sign up age to 16 View 5 30/03/2015
Watershed for Music and Music Videos View 5 30/03/2015
Large broadband boxes being placed outside houses View 4 30/03/2015
November 5th, England's national day. View 4 30/03/2015
Ban nicki minaj from tv and radio View 4 30/03/2015
Eastbourne pier to be restored using lottery and other goverment funds View 4 30/03/2015
delay switching to digital radio View 4 30/03/2015
represent wales on the Union Flag with a Dragon View 4 30/03/2015