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Abolish the EU Cookie Law View 5 30/03/2015
Remove pressure from ISPs to have 'on by default' web filters and legislate against their use. View 5 18/12/2014
Convert the BBC into a subscription service funded by the Licence fee View 5 06/01/2015
Change our Olympic team name to Team UK instead of Team GB to reflect the whole country. View 5 12/02/2015
Add 'suicide' & 'self harm' terms to the list of 'clean return' search terms View 5 28/01/2015
Don't give any more contracts to BT unless the agree to roll out superfast broadband to 100% of the UK. View 5 02/12/2014
Fixed odd betting terminals (fobt) View 5 30/03/2015
Lee Rigby/graphic court details View 5 02/12/2014
Obesity discrimination should be against the law. View 5 30/03/2015
Save our World War Two heritage View 5 30/03/2015
Reverse David Cameron's Online Pornography Filter And Ban View 5 23/01/2015
ABOLISH THE TV LICENCE View 5 24/03/2015
Scrap Form 696 View 5 30/03/2015
change our national anthem View 4 30/03/2015
Ban violent computer games View 4 26/12/2014
Competitive school sports days! View 4 30/03/2015
Creat a self exclusion database View 4 04/02/2015
Large broadband boxes being placed outside houses View 4 30/03/2015
remove for entertainment purposes only from psychic and mediumship services View 4 18/12/2014