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Keep the Union Flag the same regardless of Scotland's position in the Union View 7 31/05/2014
Save British Libraries View 7 17/10/2014
BT 1571 a scandal like ppi? View 7 06/01/2015
Stop companies charging us before we can speak to customer service! View 7 11/05/2014
Reconsider planned proposals for Porn to be 'opt-in' View 7 23/07/2014
Equal Marriage Rights for Couples in Civil Partnerships View 6 07/10/2014
Force mobile providers to sell pay as you go mobile phones that are not locked View 6 09/05/2014
No to using tax-payers money for West Ham stadium View 6 02/06/2014
Pornography 'opt out' instead of 'opt in' View 6 24/07/2014
Make the Commemorations of First World War a Patriotic National Event View 6 14/06/2014
TV LICENCE View 6 06/11/2014
Outlaw The Installation Of Cushion Floor In New Sporting Venues Due To The Handicapping Result For Wheelchair Users View 6 19/02/2015
Make Pornography History View 6 30/08/2014
Disabled Access - Stop Changes At Theme Parks View 6 13/11/2014
Make it a Criminal Offence to allow children to play computer games that are rated 16 or over. View 6 06/07/2014
Return the Elgin Marbles to the New Acropolis Museum, Athens, Greece View 6 13/08/2014
ban face coverings in schools,courts, banks, Airports, Train and Bus stations View 6 25/02/2015
We demand a maximum call charge for premium rate numbers that provide no product. View 6 30/04/2014
stop company's selling and buying personal details. View 6 01/04/2015
Make cli (calling line indicator - this displays the number calling you) a free service from all telecom providers as part of the line rental fee View 6 11/11/2014