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Limit Apps from requesting permission to access unrelated features View 8 30/03/2015
Government to fund for free water awareness & swimming lessons for children of 3 years old and above View 7 30/03/2015
Improve Milbury Reach Broadband Access View 7 30/03/2015
Fixed odd betting terminals (fobt) View 7 30/03/2015
All national team matches (Eng. Scot. Wales, N.I) - of major sports, must be shown live on free to air terrestial television View 7 30/03/2015
stop unwanted calls View 7 30/03/2015
Nuisance Call From Call Centres View 7 30/03/2015
No to FM radio switch off View 7 30/03/2015
Revise the Audiovisual Media Services Regulations 2014 amendments to the 2003 Communications Act (un ban porn) View 7 30/03/2015
change our national anthem View 6 30/03/2015
Ban the practise of 'locking' mobile phones to network providers View 6 30/03/2015
Help households. Abolish TV licence View 6 30/03/2015
Fathers and family members being contacted and warned before stories of their children being released in the media View 6 30/03/2015
Obesity discrimination should be against the law. View 6 30/03/2015
Online Ticket Resale Restrictions View 6 30/03/2015
Reduce number of gambling shops and adverts View 6 03/03/2015
Support for British Videogame Developers View 6 30/03/2015
Competitive school sports days! View 5 30/03/2015
Change the national anthem to "Match of the Day" theme tune View 5 30/03/2015