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Face Coverings (Prohibition) Bill (HC Bill 31) View 7 25/02/2015
Stop online gambling bonuses View 7 18/11/2014
legislation to outlaw sexist language in TV & Media View 7 19/02/2015
Remove the Oliver Cromwell statue from outside of the Houses of Parliament View 7 06/01/2015
Remove the Royal charter of the BBC (British Broadcasting company) View 7 03/12/2014
Third Gender Toilets View 7 11/02/2015
Limit Apps from requesting permission to access unrelated features View 7 30/03/2015
Illegal purchase of the Parthenon Marbles View 7 26/02/2015
Government to fund for free water awareness & swimming lessons for children of 3 years old and above View 6 30/03/2015
stop bt openreachs monopoly on phone insterlations View 6 30/03/2015
Ban the practise of 'locking' mobile phones to network providers View 6 30/03/2015
Outlaw The Installation Of Cushion Floor In New Sporting Venues Due To The Handicapping Result For Wheelchair Users View 6 19/02/2015
Review the 'Cookie' Law View 6 25/11/2014
Stop the resale of music / events tickets for profit View 6 30/03/2015
Fathers and family members being contacted and warned before stories of their children being released in the media View 6 30/03/2015
Allow heterosexual couples to enter a civil partnership View 6 30/03/2015
WW1 Female Munitions Workers Memorial at Royal Arsenal, Woolwich View 6 30/03/2015
Heritage Park, Silverdale broadband speeds View 6 06/11/2014
Allow the UK public to vote on whether ISP filtering should be enforced View 6 26/11/2014
Better control over Scam phone calls View 6 30/03/2015