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Better Education On Consent and Rape Culture in U.K High Schools View 397 10/12/2014
Black history as KS4 option. View 1 27/02/2015
Black History to be thought in schools View 8 30/03/2015
bring back AS level examinations for 2015 sixth form students View 9 03/02/2015
Bring back January exams View 12 30/03/2015
Bring back school corporal punishment View 4 30/03/2015
Build More Grammar Schools View 9 02/12/2014
Call for an investigation of abuse by Stoke-on-Trent Children's Services prior to their being put into Special Measures by Ofsted. View 7 30/03/2015
Campaign to make it law that every UK school has its own funded library, with minimum resources including a dedicated librarian. View 98 12/03/2015
Careers Guidance: Guaranteed View 956 22/10/2014
Change exam dates that are in the time of Ramadan View 1 30/03/2015
Change school hours View 2 30/03/2015
Change the average school day from 9am - 3.30pm to 10am - 4.30pm View 47 21/01/2015
Change the way sex education is taught in schools. View 6 17/01/2015
change to schools complaints procedure View 2 29/10/2014
Changing Education For Kids Unknown Learning Difficulties View 34 30/09/2014
Child protection View 15 12/09/2014
coeliac friendly school dinners View 117 24/08/2014
Compulaory swimming and water safety lessons for school children View 538 30/07/2014
Compulsary Young Carers Awareness lessons in all schools View 29 02/01/2015