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Let's close down Little Gossip - a website which encourages cyberbullying

Responsible department: Department for Education

Little Gossip is a US hosted website which enables people to make anonymous comments about others. Other users can then make comments as to whether they agree or disagree with the anonymous comments which have been made. It is widely used by students in schools, colleges and universities, and is clearly a vehicle which encourages cyberbullying. Many of the posts are of a personal or sexual nature. This site is causing a lot of stress and pain for young people. The Department for Education has known of its existence for some time but appears unable to work with their colleagues in the US to get the site closed down. Have a look at Little Gossip - would you like your children, your friends or yourself to be mentioned on it? Let's petition for the UK Government to actively work with the appropriate US agencies to get it closed down!

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18/02/2012 10:40