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Extend UK Civil Partnership Scheme to Polyamorous Individuals

Responsible department: Ministry of Justice

The legalisation of same-sex marriage will render the current civil partnership system redundant. However, we the undersigned would like to see an investigation into the opening of the civil partnership scheme to multiple partners: specifically, to committed relationships of three to five people.

The law needs to recognise the changing nature of families and relationships in modern Britain. At present ‘polyamorous’ people (those in loving relationships of more than two people) are denied the same rights as our monogamous counterparts: to visit our partners in hospital, to keep custody of our children, coverage for insurance and inheritance, and all other protections afforded to civil partnered couples.

As of 2012 Brazil has recognised unions of three people. We believe that the United Kingdom’s civil partnership system is well-placed to provide British polyamorous families with equal protection under the law.

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