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Need for Disaster/Contingency plans for volcano eruption

Responsible department: Cabinet Office

A detailed plan is needed for dealing with a possible volcanic eruption. Everyone who could be affected needs to know the plan and what they should do if it needs to be put into action.
Planning for a volcanic eruption includes:
creating an exclusion zone around the volcano
being ready and able to evacuate residents
having an emergency supply of basic provisions, such as food
funds need to be available to deal with the emergency and a good communication system needs to be in place
Volcanos in Iceland and Yellowstone Park will not necessarily give notice and could have devastating effects on the UK as well as Europe. Satellites and communications, electricity, gas, water and transport can all be seriously damaged.
There does not even appear to be a government department responsible for such an event, which demonstrates how unprepared we are for an disaster which could be on our doorstep.

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