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Cut benefits for Bulgarians and Romanians coming to the UK in 2014

Responsible department: Home Office

The British economy needs a British workforce to keep it stable, with a minimum pay and fair hours. However, our economy could be jeopardized because of the immigration that will come in 2014 from Bulgarian/Romanian immigrants due to relaxed EU laws. We need to do we can do to deter these Eastern Europeans from coming to the UK.
What we should do is to cut the benefits of the Eastern Europeans that immigrate to the UK who have no specialized skills. This should happen because a lot of the immigrants want to come here to become law abiding citizens who want to work. However, we can only afford to have people who we need to have and who have proper qualifications.
For example, a Romanian/Bulgarian immigrant who works in a needed qualification should be allowed to have full advantage of the benefits system because they bring a skill that is needed in the UK. However, an immigrant who has no skills should have cut benefits, as they could only fill menial jobs which aren't available.

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