A New Threat to Island Gardens

Responsible department: Department for Communities and Local Government

Our Grade II listed park is again under threat with the granting of planning permission to tear down the adjacent Calders Wharf Community Centre and erect a four storey block of flats together with the boundary wall which belongs to the park and acts as the buffer zone to the Greenwich World Heritage Site and covered by covenants.

The Calders Wharf site is actually the Island Gardens Park extension purchased from the London County Council in 1951 to increase park space. Evidence of this is filed with Maps and Plans at the London Metropolitan Archives.

The Proposed flats will sell for upwards of £1 million pounds each and with no boundary wall our beautiful park will be nothing more than their back yard and spoil its natural beauty.

The wall is owned by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and for this to go ahead the developers need to demolish this wall.

The Government should urgently reverse this insensitive decision and stop the wall being demolished.

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Eric Pemberton
23/12/2014 14:45