Ban Surface Dressing roads

Responsible department: Department for Transport

A cheap but dangerous form of road re surfacing is surface dressing, which is tar sprayed onto a poor surface and then left with loose chipping for months Any that are not stuck down can cause a hazard to any road user. This is fastest and cheapest however due to the chipping it is definitely the most dangerous surface for any and all two wheeled vehicles. Riding on this surface is not only dangerous but does a lot more harm than good. This cheap and nasty surface isn't sustainable and has to be re-done often and has no benefit whatsoever. If your going to do a job you may as well do it properly!
This form of road surfacing needs to be banned from the UK roads. all drivers would much rather have a road closed for longer and be done properly, rather than having to drive through a minefield and causing their vehicle damage which can be costly. The state of our roads has been an ongoing issue in this country and needs to be addressed.

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Christopher Caswell
30/03/2015 23:59