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response Free parking for nhs staff View 19,885 30/03/2015
response Ban driven grouse shooting View 19,586 30/03/2015
response Tougher prison sentencing for murdering and baiting animals and acts of cruelty View 19,463 30/03/2015
response Without Fans there is no Football View 19,356 30/01/2015
response Stop cuts to funding for disabled and dyslexic students View 18,147 30/03/2015
response Allow the ownership and use of .22 calibre Rimfire pistols for sporting purposes in England, Wales and Scotland. View 17,910 20/03/2015
response Save Grass Roots Football View 17,682 30/03/2015
response Compulsory retirement of all research animals View 17,399 30/03/2015
response Group B Strep awareness View 17,096 10/02/2015
response Record the suicide rate of ex-soldiers to help fight Post Traumatic Stress Disorder View 15,887 11/02/2015
response GDC ARF View 15,223 01/01/2015
Strengthen legal protection for racing greyhounds View 14,894 30/03/2015
Stop NHS privatisation View 14,396 30/03/2015
response Ban Surface Dressing roads View 14,044 30/03/2015
response Increase the Maximum Sentence for Animal Cruelty View 13,572 05/03/2015
Save our Pubs, change the Planning Laws. View 11,166 30/03/2015
response Hen Harrier Joint Recovery Plan - publish it View 10,579 30/03/2015
Compulsory microchip scanning by vets, rescues, dog wardens, highway agencies and network rail to help reunite stolen and missing pets. View 10,556 30/03/2015
Terminology used when making an Edwards Syndrome / T18 diagnosis View 9,822 30/03/2015
Save Ocean Ward (heart unit) at Southampton General Hospital View 8,988 30/03/2015