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response Brian Hampton Appeal should be rejected and sentence increased View 13,121 20/11/2014
response BAN prong/pinch collars, spray collars, choke chains, shock collars and anything barbaric for animals UK View 12,674 06/10/2014
response Only allow registered organised firework displays, ban sales to the public View 12,044 29/10/2014
response Create a new offence to protect Police Dogs from criminal acts & violence View 11,279 28/11/2014
response Brain Tumour Research View 10,957 02/10/2014
Record the suicide rate of ex-soldiers to help fight Post Traumatic Stress Disorder View 9,700 11/02/2015
Compulsory retirement of all research animals View 9,448 30/03/2015
Ban driven grouse shooting View 9,368 30/03/2015
Tougher prison sentencing for murdering and baiting animals and acts of cruelty View 9,192 30/03/2015
Ban looped blind cords in the UK View 9,128 23/09/2014
Stop the badger cull NOW View 8,673 09/09/2014
Increase the Maximum Sentence for Animal Cruelty View 8,416 05/03/2015
Introduce a proper Recall mechanism for MPs View 7,974 05/11/2014
Take Urgent Action: Introduce Humanitarian Corridors in Syria and Stop the Holocaust! View 7,843 15/11/2014
Shariah- Compliant Student Loans View 7,368 04/09/2014
Hands off Calderdale A&E View 7,328 26/08/2014
No sale or privatisation of the Land Registry View 7,284 10/02/2015
Save Grass Roots Football View 6,982 30/03/2015
Abandon proposals to cut the dental foundation training salary View 6,787 30/03/2015
Ban the sale of cot bumpers save our babies lives View 6,685 19/09/2014