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SOPHIES CHOICE ,smear test lowered to 16 View 321,279 14/03/2015
response Ban the sale of young puppies & kittens without their mothers being present View 110,095 02/05/2014
response Stop FGM in the UK Now View 108,615 16/07/2014
response No to proposed increase in fees for Nurses and Midwives View 98,692 05/02/2015
response Promote cycling by implementing the recommendations in the 'Get Britain Cycling' report. View 72,998 23/04/2014
response The immediate release of Marine A View 67,233 12/11/2014
response Millie's Trust campaigns to train ALL nursery nurses in Paediatric First Aid View 53,103 16/12/2014
response We oppose the poposal to change the August Bank Holday to Margaret Thatcher Day View 51,913 08/07/2014
response Do not ban the Niqab/Face Veil View 46,708 08/10/2014
response End the 'Parent Trap' - suspend or reduce APD over school summer holidays View 39,732 23/07/2014
response Do Not Force ISP Filtering of Pornography and Other Content View 39,074 18/06/2014
response Proscribe English Defence League (EDL) View 28,391 28/05/2014
response Hands off universal pensioner benefits View 26,240 10/05/2014
Introduce Black History to the primary curriculum View 18,802 10/02/2015
response Without Fans there is no Football View 18,709 30/01/2015
Change in law for Equine charities to remove suffering animals View 17,503 17/05/2014
response Ben Needham Needs more backing by British Government View 16,706 10/07/2014
response Stop the Governments victimisation of pensioners living abroad who have contributed to the welfare state by withdrawing their winter fuel payment View 16,279 28/06/2014
response Reverse Ban on Holiday's During School Term Time View 16,151 15/01/2015
response Compulsory Microchip Scanning on pets to be introduced alongside Compulsory Microchipping with a microchip proving ownership. View 15,966 23/05/2014